Meet the Hupke family from Forked River, NJ.  Look at the smiles on their faces, I've never met them, but fell in love with this picture.  About a week ago they had a house fire in their Forked River home and everything was destroyed.

They need your help.  The kids range 4 - 15.  This family has been through so much already with their 15 year old who has been in and out of CHOP for the last year battling a rare aggressive (non cancerous) tumor from nasal cavity to ears lost partial hearing --  and will lose more of her hearing.  So to think that this family just went through a house goodness, we as a community need to reach out and help in anyway we can!  We just never know when it could happen to us.

Any other questions please feel free to email, Amy at

Here are some pictures before and after the fire:


Hupke family
Hupke family

This is when I know our hearts open up and help out, so when I found out about this--I knew my listeners and readers of my blogs would help out!  Thank you for your kindness.

Also from all the wonderful kind people of Ocean County...they're getting lots of furniture, if anyone wants to donate a storage unit to them that would be awesome or a business would like to donate it to them!  They have no place to put all the wonderful things they're getting!  Please help!