I'm so excited I'm going home for Easter.  Home being where my family is Pennsylvania.  My home now is in New Jersey with my daughter and me and our 2 dogs.  But where ever my Mom and Dad are I usually call that home.

Every year we always go to this same restaurant with the whole family, it's always so nice.  Well my Mom calls me and says it's closed down and she asked would I mind if we would go to a diner.  Now this diner she's talking about has the best the buffet, ever!  But it's funny she even felt the need to call me and ask that.  She knows no matter what and where the family is I will be there.  I do not care either way where we eat as long as we are all together.  Easter has always been my favorite holiday.  It's a time where we can sit down and relax, look at all the pretty Easter eggs and just enfoy each other.  Then the fun comes and we have an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  I just love this time of year.

What's your Easter tradition?  Do you go away?  Do you cook?