Hurricane Irma's impact on the Caribbean as a category 5-storm leaves behind devastation.

French interior minister Gerard Collomb says the death toll in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthelemy has reached eight and injured another 23 but fears there could be more.

One person has died on the island of Anguilla and a 2-year old in Barbuda as his family tried to escape.

The storm has also caused widespread blackouts in Puerto Rico and destroyed homes in Barbuda as it moves northeast of the Dominican Republic with sustained winds at 180 mph.


National Hurricane Center
 New Jersey is gearing up to help Florida and the southeast deal with Irma.

New Jersey red cross spokeswoman Diane Concannon says 11 volunteers from the state and an emergency relief vehicle will be at a Florida staging area."They'll be in the North-East part of Florida where they have the staging area, so that it's there ready for after the storm hits," said Concannon.

Jersey's emergency management office is poised to deploy a team into the path of Irma in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or Florida.

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