Instigators of the weekend melee during the Brick Township-Brick Memorial football game will be disciplined - that assurance from acting superintendent Dennis Filippone.

He said Monday that students from both schools are involved.
Brick police detectives are also looking into the brawl.
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Parents don't like to face the fact that their child may be a bully in a school, but Rutgers psychology professor Maurice Elias says if there's any suspicion at all, or allegation, you should follow up on it.

"In opening up the conversation they may find that there is an area where this child could really use some help but has not been comfortable asking them about it," said Elias.

He says typically a child doesn't pick on others for absolutely no reason.

An all-day conference in Trenton today, hosted by the state, addresses an issue that was taboo some years ago.

Suicide prevention takes center stage - specifically the goal to avoid suicide among anyone undergoing care in jersey health systems.

Members of the ocean county agriculture development board, you've got wednesday night off. The board meeting in new egypt town hall in plumsted is cancelled.

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