The Democratic side of the state budget bargain that took so long to finalize that state services shut down for three days over the holiday weekend include some $325,000,000.00 in additional spending.

Senate President Steve Sweeney says many causes will support more than they've had in a while.

"It's the best budget we've seen in ten years," said Sweeney. "It provides for a lot of people and that's what we cared about."

The additional spending covers 73 line items in all and includes $181,000,000.00 in additional money for K-to-12 schools.

They were all allegedly under the influence but now they're facing a day in court.

Five Pennsylvania men are accused of attacking lifeguards on a beach in Ocean City Tuesday afternoon.

Police responding to reports of intoxicated people causing a disturbance say the men also became aggressive with officers when they arrived.

They've all been arrested and charged.

Lifeguard racing is set to begin this weekend at the Jersey Shore along beaches from Cape May Point to Long Beach Island.

Nearly every Jersey Shore town has at least one race they host with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people in attendance.

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