We have unconfirmed word this morning of a double homicide in Lacey Township.

Sources close to paramedics told us that a husband killed his wife and their young son, then tried and failed to kill himself.

Ocean County investigators did not confirm or deny the information but said that an investigation is under way.

It helped bring down Usama Bin Laden and now the mapping technology is being adopted by a handful of Ocean County school districts as a way to keep all law enforcement on the same page in the event of an active shooter or other emergency.

Officials held a threat exercise Wednesday at Central Regional High School to put the system in action.

You can watch the active shooter drill they ran at

The Holbrook Little League team from Jackson plays its first world series game at 3 o'clock, against Fairfield,Connecticut whose the New England champion.

While the world series itself doesn't offer a cash prize to the winner, Holbrook President Tony Del Vecchio says he hopes Jackson invests more money into its baseball programs after the tournament.

"Maybe get some innovative fields or new lights on a couple of the fields that don't have lights to enhance the program for some of the younger kids," said Del Vecchio.

He says demand for team t-shirts outweighs supply, as many locals are interested in Holbrook's progress.


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