Gert grew from a tropical storm to a hurricane, still churning up the Atlantic about 500 miles from our shore, meaning mild showers at worst for us - but a big danger for swimmers who face powerful ripcurrents, at least through midweek. See Townsquare Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's detailed forecast on our web page.

With quiet determination, opponents of race-based hatred gathered in Toms River Monday night, as they have been doing around New Jersey and the US since the weekend riot in Virginia that cost at least one life. "Hatred Has No Home Here" drew people from points as disparate as New Egypt, Brick, Point Pleasant and Waretown.

New Jersey residents gather in downtown Toms River for solidarity gathering following Virginia violence. (Tom Mongelli, Townsquare Media)

A Brick Township couple is accused of manipulating the Lowes Home Improvement Centers web page to amass hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of goods for free, then trying to fence them. Investigators said that Romela and Kimy Velazquez had enough merchandise to fill an 18-foot trailer.

Funeral services for former New Jersey State Senate President John Russo take place Friday in his home town of Toms River. The Democrat, who rose to the Legislature's top position in the aftermath of the Watergate case and backlash against Republicans, was instrumental in the shutdown of the township's Ciba-Geigy factory after groundwater tozins were traced to the site, and pediatric cancer rates spiked.

On Wednesday, neighbors of Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township, and drivers passing by, will see a massive turnout of police and emergency responders. The sprawling campus is the site of an active shooter drill, the first of what local officials hope will be an ongoing series to remain vigilant against the threat of terror.

Jackson's Holbrook Little Leaguers, Mid-Atlantic Championship in hand, open their quest for World Series glory Thursday in Williamsport PA, facing New England. It's the first New Jersey team since 2010 to reach the finals.

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