This always sounds comfy, like a delicious bowl of chili. It's a delicious dish that goes great at lunch or dinner. There are several different versions of chili and all are just fine with me.


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Let's take a look at where to get the best bowl of delicious chili in New Jersey. According to a recent article by Lovefood, there is a restaurant in Monmouth County that is home to the best chili in the Garden State. In addition, another good thing is that there are several locations in Monmouth County for you to enjoy this delicious bowl of chili.

 stephanie monfette stephanie monfette


Lovefood said, "From down-home barbecue joints to cute plant-based cafés, restaurants across the States serve wonderfully warming bowls of chili." Green And Great Green And Great



As far as here in New Jersey, the restaurant selected by Lovefood is the Ocean Cafe, which has several locations in New Jersey, all of which are in Monmouth County. "It breaks chili tradition, using chunks of chicken rather than standard ground beef. The place has a health-focused ethos, and the lean chili is packed with beans and spices that give it just as much depth and warmth as a more typical dish. Punters wax lyrical about it."

According to the Ocean Cafe website, there are four locations in Monmouth County where you can grab a delicious bowl of their chili. Long Branch, Red Bank, Shrewsbury, and Manalapan.

So give us your review of Ocean Cafe's "Chili". What is your review? Post your comments below and feel free to recommend other restaurants that have a delicious bowl of chili as well. We look forward to your thoughts. \

By the way, don't forget some cornbread or saltines for dipping, these are "chili" requirements. Leanna Myers Leanna Myers



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