I'm incredibly scared of ticks, it's probably why I'm not a hiker.

Ticks are all over New Jersey. It doesn't matter if you live at the shore or in the woods, ticks are everywhere.

Ticks are usually found in high grass, shrubs, and weeds. Ticks need something to climb on.

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There is no season for ticks, they are here year-round. We seem to get them more in the spring and summer, but ticks are around in the winter and the fall.

Diy13, Getty Images
Diy13, Getty Images

Did you know ticks are in the arachnid family because of their legs? They're not an insect, they're part of the spider family which makes them even grosser.

What new tick do we have to look out for in New Jersey?

According to onlyinyourstate.com, the newest tick to the Garden State is called the Asian longhorned tick, also known as the bush tick and the cattle tick.

According to the CDC, Asian longhorned ticks were first seen in the United States in 2017. New Jersey first saw this tick in 2022. We should be aware that we will see this tick more this year. The Asian longhorned tick has been found on animals and people.

To check out the Asian longhorned tick CLICK HERE.

One thing that's good news, according to the CDC, these Asian longhorned ticks seem to be less attracted to human skin.

If you are to find this new tick, contact the health department to take steps to prevent tick bites and tick-born illnesses. For more information on checking the tick, click here.

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