While we dodged most of the winter weather bullet going into Friday morning, it looks like Saturday could be a different story. That being said, the Ocean County Health Department is offering a few suggestions as we head into the heart of winter.

The OCHD has an interactive summary of checklists that you should take some time to put in order as snow becomes more likely in the coming weeks.


  • Communications

    Make sure you have extra batteries and/or chargers for your cell phone.

    Have a battery operated radio. Remember, if the power goes out, we're still on the air to get you the information that you need!

    Make a plan with your family - If your family isn't together during a weather emergency, make sure you have a plan in place to get in touch with everyone.


  • Emergency Car Kit

    If you end up stranded on a roadway, be sure that you're prepared.

    Among the extensive checklist, the Department reminds us to make sure that we have blankets, a flashlight, a battery operated radio, extra food & water, and a first aid kit in our vehicles.

  • Food & Safety

    If a severe storm causes Ocean County residents to stay at home, officials recommend a week's worth of food and safety supplies.

    Basics such as canned food, prescription medications, and water should be on the list of things to have on hand.

  • Household Water

  • Household Heating

    If the power goes out, be sure you have options for heat, such as space heaters and outdoor generators.

    Never use a generator indoors.

    And as obvious as it may seem, using your stove or oven for heat is not safe!

  • Cooking & Lighting

    Have flashlights easily accessible and a supply of fresh batteries.

    If you use candles for light, never leave them unattended.

    Never use a grill or camp stove indoors.

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