If you're an iPhone user, you need to be aware of this latest information that could potentially expose your device to hackers.

According to reports, nearly a quarter of a million iPhone users could be exposed to dangerous security issues.

The problem impacts users who have chosen to "jailbreak" their devices, or bypass the official Apple iOS to unlock features and apps that aren't approved by Apple.

While jailbreaking allows users greater customization options and programs that wouldn't normally be available, it also bypasses the security features that Apple is well known for. As a result, hackers have run rampant on unsecured devices, stealing account information and, in some cases, even remotely controlling people's phones.

So, while it may be fun to be able to play with fonts, wallpapers and apps that you wouldn't normally have access to, it also opens your phone up to dangerous hackers who are more than happy to take advantage of security holes and steal your information.

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