I undertook one of my favorite traditions at the end of every summer or the beginning of every fall this past weekend.

I leave that wiggle room between "the end of summer and the beginning of fall" because it's really not up to me when the time is right, it's up to nature, but when it's the perfect time to pick apples, I hop in my car and head out to southern Pennsylvania.

The area around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is the heart of the northeast's apple country. with the smell of factories pumping out apple sauce and apple juice filling the air.

Photo by Justin Louis

I'm fortunate enough to have a college friend who literally lives on an apple orchard right in the middle of it all.

He and his family are always incredibly generous, not only hosting me but also encouraging me to bring home as many apples as I like.

This year, I set  new personal record.

I brought home a suspension-straining 155 pounds of fresh Jonagold apples.

Justin's trunk full of apples (Photo by Justin Louis)

The reason that it felt like there was a body in my trunk on the way home is because, well, there was a medium-sized adult's worth of delicious apples in the back of my car.

And no, I'm not hoarding them all for myself. If you run into me in the near future, don't hesitate to ask me about my apples, I'm happy to share.

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