With the kids back to school and the warm days turning more and more crisp, you'll soon be looking for some fun activities to do with the kiddos here in South Jersey.

We'd be remiss to not mention all the fun to be had at the aquarium.

No doubt, you're probably already aware that you can swim with sharks at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, right? That's been an option for you to add on to your experience for a while now.

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But, did you know they'll also give you a chance to get up-close and personal with the other animals housed there? If you're not aware, they have everything from penguins to hippos at Adventure Aquarium. You can actually help feed the giant hippos when you add on the hippo encounter to your itinerary.

Apparently, you'll learn all about what it takes to keep hippos happy and healthy within the aquarium environment, as well as find out where they're off to when you don't see them out and about in the exhibit. Honestly, it sounds like a really wonderful learning experience for those passionate about animals, zoology, and just want a really cool thing to do in the fall and winter.

You once used to be able to do the same thing with the penguins housed at the aquarium, but for whatever reason, that encounter is currently listed as unavailable on the website. Still, there are plenty more experiences you can add on to your day spent with the fish in Camden this year.

Check out all your options HERE.

Source: AdventureAquarium.com

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