It's a Route 9 staple every Halloween, and it's coming back for 2017.

Aside from their residential and commercial cleaning of air ducts, dryer vents, furnaces, fireplaces, and more, Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning in Bayville is best known for their outlandish holiday displays on the side of Route 9.

Every October, gory scenes of ghoulish fun sprout from their storefront and just a few weeks later, the same site transforms into a winter wonderland for the month of December.

Last year, the display was an unfortunate victim of a fire which temporarily wiped out their Halloween decorations, and spirit. Incredibly, the company quickly rebuilt in time for Halloween, much to the delight of their wicked watchers.

There have been concerns among area residents that the display would not be making a return for the 2017 season after the hardships they endured in 2016, but those fears can be put to rest as we have recently learned that the display will make a triumphant return within the next week. Similar to years past, the display will be free of charge.

See the popular display for yourself beginning next week at Advanced Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning at 1039 Route 9 in Bayville.

2016 Bayville Halloween Display Fire: 

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