This article is not a hard topic for anyone, it’s all about dessert. Who doesn’t like dessert? I guess there are some but for the most part everyone likes a little dessert and everyone has their favorites.

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Let me ask you, do you feel like you go through phases when it comes to taste? Like in this case do you find yourself going through different likes when it comes to dessert? I’d say right now I am really enjoying fruit, and pie is high on my list when it comes to a great dessert. Apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, pumpkin etc. all are great and yes I a love for “crust”.



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When we think of dessert, what do you think of? Cake, pie, ice cream, fruit, pudding? All sounds good right? How about “dessert pizza”? Well the number one dessert in New Jersey is “dessert pizza”


Stephany C. / Yelp
Stephany C. / Yelp


According to an article in Eat This, Not That … the number one dessert is at a location in Passaic County. Brother Bruno’s Pizza in Wayne and their dessert pizza was named as their choice for best dessert in New Jersey.


So what do you think of this dessert? “This family-owned pizzeria in New Jersey makes a sweet pizza pie so popular you can order it nationwide. Pick your topping—red velvet and s'mores are both favorites.


What is YOUR favorite dessert here at the Jersey Shore? We always love hearing your comments, post yours below 👇🏻


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