I was looking through some of the groups that I belong to on social media when I spotted a couple of pictures from an Ocean County woman and these pics caught my attention and a lot of others too.

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Beverly Reilly Ombres of Lanoka Harbor Harbor was the woman who posted these intriguing "track" photos. I reached out to Beverly to get permission to use these and to get her story and she was happy to do so.


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Beverly Reilly Ombres
Beverly Reilly Ombres


The photos of these "tracks" were taken by Beverly at her Lacey Township home this after Monday's snowstorm. Beverly was asking what the heck made these "tracks"? Beverly thought possibly a dinosaur?

By the way, the New Jersey State Dinosaur is the Hadrosaurus foulkii. According to the State website...this dinosaur roamed New Jersey, in "the forests and swamps along the bays of New Jersey's ancient seacoast." Could this have been the dinosaur that visited Beverly and her Husband in Lanoka Harbor?

Lotta folks commented that possibly the Jersey Devil or Bigfoot, but I am thinking "alien"...yup an extra-terrestrial from outer space lol. That's my guess


Beverly Reilly Ombres
Beverly Reilly Ombres


Beverly told me some interesting facts that make this finding even more mysterious. First, she and her husband heard nothing in the yard, and their yard is completely fenced in so no easy access in or out hmmm.

Beverly added, "I asked my husband if he had been out in the yard since it snowed thinking something he might have dragged or whatever, but not the case." So "something" was on their property!

So what do YOU think made these tracks? dinosaur, jersey devil, bigfoot, alien, or something else?



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