Let me start by saying I love Brick Plaza and all the stores there. But that parking lot! Am I right?

If you are looking to crown the worst parking lot in Brick, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you. There are a lot of candidates for this title and lots of them would wear the crown proudly.

But based on conversations we’ve had with Brick, Point Pleasant and Toms River residents, the one parking lot that rises to the top is Brick Plaza.

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I shop there all the time, and there is no doubt that the Brick Plaza parking lot is loaded with challenges...and cars. It’s just another victim of the too many cars and too little room phenomenon that is sweeping through the Shore.

Having said that, it’s definitely ok to be happy for all the local businesses in there that are getting all the traffic and keeping people employed. We root for you each day.

Brick Blvd.
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

But how about that moment when you’re driving on Chambers Bridge trying to turn into Brick Plaza when the car in front of you thinks they have to stop before making that first turn in the lot in front of Barnes & Noble. Good times.

Or how about when you're trying to leave that lot from that same exit and if you're trying to make a left toward Route 70 but you have to wait at that stop sign because only two cars fit at the light! Aahh!!

And let’s be honest. There’s a lot of borderline driving going on in there as well. And let's not forget the bad parking, too. So maybe sometimes it’s not the lot itself after all.

All in all though, there's no denying that this is definitely the worst parking situation in Brick... and possibly in the entire world.

So what can I do about it? Well, pretty much nothing. So I'll keep buying, shopping, and complaining. I’d rather battle for a spot there than shop somewhere else.

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