Babysteps..that's the way I'm looking at it.  And that's the cool thing about CrossFit Lithium..they want to make you a stronger person, mentally and physically, and they'll work with you and cheer you on all the way!  It's a team and we're doing this together!

I'm not going to lie..when the commanders say "Come on 5 more"..."You can do 10 burpees"..I want to hurt them!  It feels so good to get moving, though.  If you're anything like me, the last time I truly exercised was when I played softball in High School.  So I have a long way to go!

It's not going to be pretty or easy:


Thank you for following me on this journey of "Sue's Slim Down Challenge"!    Am I kidding myself when I say, I can do this!  I know I can!

If you're a listener to Shawn and I you know that I'm not a big exerciser and I love my snacks.  But I thought...this is going to be fun, great for the body and possibly the mind. 

It's 6 Weeks of the "World's Best Boot Camp" with Danielle!

Crossfit Lithium

170 Oberlin Avenue North / Suite 15

Lakewood, NJ

732 - 684 - 8732

Join me for this life-changing Boot Camp!

It's a 6 week journey that we can do together--

18 Live Workouts

21 bonus Workouts

Nutrition Advice

Supplement Advice

Easy, Yet Challenging, Physical Training

How about a better booty?

And you'll be mentally stronger!  And let's face it, I need some help physically and mentally!

WHO'S IN WITH ME?  732 - 684 - 8732 / Call Danielle today about "World's Best Boot Camp" -- You just might surprise yourself.


This post has been sponsored by CrossFit Lithium, located at 170 Oberlin Avenue North/Suite 15 in Lakewood.  Call them at 732-684-8732 to schedule an appointment.  Sue Moll is receiving compensation to experience and promote this training program.