A Manchester Township man has been charged with animal cruelty following a series of attacks on his own dog.

Police said they received a call on Wednesday after a witness saw a man kick his dog several times and then dropped him off for a grooming appointment at Cutie Pawtootie Dog Grooming LLC, located in the Colby Commons Plaza.

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Through their investigation, Manchester Police learned, after checking out video surveillance from nearby businesses, that 63-year-old Gary Petosa had indeed allegedly abused his dog and had done so multiple times and it wasn't just kicking the dog, the officer looking into the abuse learned that Petosa also threw the dog against the driver's side of his vehicle and aggressively yanked on his leash.

Somehow, the attacks on the dog left it without any sustained injuries, according to police.

Following their investigation, police charged Petosa, criminally, with animal cruelty.

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