You know those days where it just feels like there's something in the atmosphere? Today is definitely one of those days at our Seaside Park studio.

There are a few things that I think are coming together to foster the odd atmosphere today:

First, tonight is a full moon.

If you looked up last night around about 8:20, you may have seen the huge, pale waxing gibbous rising above the horizon

Nearly full moon - July 26, 2018 (Photo by Justin Louis)

So you have the usual weird sense in the air that seems to roll around with every full moon.

On top of it, we've had that wiltingly muggy air just kind of sitting over us all day long that's kicked off some heavy storms both to our west and north, that WOBM meteorologist Dan Zarrow expects to roll through the rest of the state at some point tonight.

As I look out of our Seaside Park studio, there's a line of dark clouds that have been just kind of sitting about halfway up the horizon all afternoon:

Photo by Justin Louis

If anything, I'm hoping that any storms will hold off until later tonight so I can finish up my weekly work day at the beach!

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