All that snow last week and I'm sure to come, leads to the important question about windshield wipers - do you put them up?

Abby and I were driving down the road and we noticed a lot of cars with windshield wipers up and Abs asked, "Why are the windshield wipers up?" I explained to her, lots of people keep their wipers up if there is a snowstorm so it's easier to clean the snow and ice off. I think?

I always see cars parked in the parking lot at work or in my neighborhood and I thought to myself, "Why are their wipers up?" Growing up I never saw this, until I moved to New Jersey over 20 years ago. So, I started asking myself, "should I be doing that?"

I know it's a bit ridiculous, but humor me. I would imagine wipers are up off the glass so they won't freeze to the windshield. And once the wipers are up and not frozen to the windshield it would be easier to clean the snow and ice off.

According to, AAA Northeast says wipers up also eliminates the chance of burning out the windshield wiper motor when you start your car and the blades try to push their way through the frozen stuff. But, the National Weather Service says leaving your wipers pointed up can cause stress on the springs or they could be blown down by the wind.

I'm not sure about this, seems like a lot of work but, according to, cover the windshield with a tarp or blanket instead of keeping your wipers up. The tarp or blanket will keep the window from getting icy or snowy, but what if the blanket freezes to the windshield?

Wipers UP or Wipers DOWN?

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