Every time we speculate on what could be coming to a vacant parcel in Ocean County, or we ask you what stores you'd like to see come to our area, Whole Foods consistently is near the top of the wishlist.

With a relatively new Whole Foods in Wall being only a hop, skip, and a jump away for those in northern Ocean County, and new owner Amazon announcing this week that they'll be cutting prices even more at the organic market, will it have an impact on how you do your holiday shopping?

One of the big obstacles for a lot of people like us, the premium prices at Whole Foods, along with the fact that we'd have to travel at least some, may have been the main thing discouraging many from shopping there.

But with their reputation for high quality fresh food, and the fact that they're inching closer to Ocean County, will slashed prices be enough of a reason to make the trip?

Let us know if it could influence your holiday shopping habits in the comments section!


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