Someone give me an intervention...I have to stop buying stuff!  Oprah's Favorite Things list just got released and it is magnificent.  Seriously someone stop me. I can't stop buying her list!  She's a sneaky one that Oprah, they did this list in a way that made it wayyyyyyy too easy to drunk shop.  Allow me to explain.

Do you do it?  Drunk shop?  Guilty as charged. If there is a bottle of red wine and a smart phone within reach you bet I'm on Amazon scrolling and tapping away my paycheck. Now that the holiday shopping season is here, I feel a bit justified in the overspending.

Oprah made it much too easy to shop because ALL of the items selected are available on Amazon...hence the wine and scroll danger.  I already bought the Mented Cosmetics Gloss for Grownups. 

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

I'm thinking about the Clara Sunwoo Liquid Leather Signature Womens Jacket too!  It is not leather or pleather it is actually made from this innovative knit fabric that looks like leather?  What the what?  See what I mean?  It looks slimming too which is always a slam dunk.  Let's jut say that my loved ones are getting good stuff this year!  Here is the full just-launched list so you can sip and shop right along with me!  If you buy anything on the list let me know what cha got!

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