If you were a fan of the shows "Thirtysomething," or "Parenthood," you need to be watching the new NBC show "This Is Us."  I know time is precious and you may not want to get hooked on a new show but I'm suggesting you try a few episodes.

Why?  It's a heartfelt drama with just the right amount of humor and lightness.  The acting is superb.  Pop singer Mandy Moore is surprisingly good as the matriarch of the family.  Jess from "Gilmore Girls," Milo Ventimiglia, plays an awesome father you will fall in love with.  Each of the grown children are played by actors who embrace their roles so beautifully and convincingly.

The show deals with real life challenges and concerns.  Parenting, weight issues, bad bosses, addiction, health scares, ego, lust, love, etc.  Each episode is richly satisfying.
(I realize that sounds like a catch phrase for a dessert advertisement!)

"This Is Us" returns to NBC tonight and I suggest you give it a watch.  Or better yet, record it on your DVR.  Then go online and watch all the episodes from the beginning.  I know that's an investment of time, but trust me, you won't feel you wasted a minute.

Unless of course, you don't like shows with heart.  One critic bashed it as being a "piece of schlock."

What do you think?  Have you been watching "This Is Us?"  If not, do you think you might give it a try?

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