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Tomorrow I will do my annual segment on Thanksgiving so consider this a pre-Thanksgiving Day segment on what is my favorite holiday of the year but apparently that is not universal.  As a matter of fact research shows that it is #2 on the list of favorite holidays behind…you guessed it Christmas.

I like Christmas as much as most of you and I can understand why it’s number one. While Thanksgiving is a one-day holiday Christmas is a season that has actually already begun and will last for over a month.  The lights, decorations, music and of course Hallmark movies can put you in the Christmas spirit for weeks…it can also push you over the edge in the other direction because of overkill and commercialization.

Anyway with that said I offer my top ten list of holidays, some of which are not really official holidays but ones we celebrate for one reason for another.

  1. Thanksgiving- As previously mentioned.
  2. Christmas- Tis the season.
  3. St Patrick’s Day- Yes partly because I’m Irish and Kelly green is one of my favorite colors. But it also marks the end of “real winter” in most years and takes place around the NCAA Basketball Championships.
  4. Memorial Day- I feel guilty about this because obviously this is a holiday in which we pay tribute to those who gave their lives in service to their country. However the weekend is also the unofficial start to summer at the Jersey Shore.
  5. Fourth of July- It’s America’s birthday!
  6. Easter- Sort of the unofficial start of spring, depending on when it falls. In 2022 it will be April 17.
  7. New Year’s Day- Not really a holiday any longer but it’s a day off.

8-10. Take your pick between Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Not under consideration:  Labor Day and Halloween.  I could do without either.

A list of NJ malls where you can get photos with Santa this holiday season

More details and locations will be added as the holiday season progresses, so please check back often for updates. Malls are listed in alphabetical order.

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