As we get ready to welcome trick or treaters, this post is about what will be put into kids' bags and pillow cases.  Various blogs have already covered favorite candies, but in this post, I'd like to address some non-candy issues.  My Florida friend posted a photo of what she'll be handing out Wednesday.  Cute little self-inking stamps along with mini bottles of water.  She's a health coach who teaches about the adverse affects of sugar and processed foods.  She likes to serve only foods that nourish and help heal bodies so she's skipping the candies this year.

I have another friend who's giving out stickers and mini flashlights.  Another is handing out temporary tattoos. I've also heard of "treats" that are actually toothbrushes!  They're not as much fun as candy, but you can always use them, right?

I'm going on record yet again saying I am a fan of giving cash on Halloween.  Back in the day I used to love receiving pennies!  My friend from Manhattan was just sharing how he'd rake in a lot of money by going trick or treating in his apartment building.  I know some of you say cash is a horrible thing to give out but I think kids can buy whatever kind of candy they like with that money!  I'm probably in the minority with that opinion.

Anyway, if you're giving out treats that are not of the candy variety, please share and let us know your reason for breaking tradition this year.  And also please share what non-candy treats you think kids enjoy.



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