There's a debate going on in our household.    Is it better to mow your own lawn or pay soneone to do it?  All the rain we've had this summer has made the grass grow lke crazy!   If, like me, you hate to see the man of the house 'waste' precious free weekend hours behind a mower than you probably think it's worth it to pay for lawn service.    But I can also see the other side.   Paying for weekly trims adds up to a lot of money!  Money perhaps better spent on a family vacation or put into savings.

Remember when neighborhood kids used to mow lawns as a way to earn some money?  Times have changed and I just don't think the younger generation has that same entrepreneureal spirit we had growing up.

How much does it cost to rent a goat?   I half-jokingly would consider this option, offering the animal a free all-it-can-eat buffet on the lawn.

Who handles lawn-mowing duties at your house?  Do you pay someone to do it?



Someone in your family do the yard work or do you pay someone