One of the things that’s probably been most frustrating during this coronavirus pandemic is that messages keep changing.

In the beginning we were pretty much convinced that in terms of getting the COVID-19 virus it was much more of a problem for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.  While that is true it gave the impression that younger people were not at risk which for a time might have been the reason so many refused to follow the guidelines of social distancing.

Well we now know that is not necessarily the case as more and more young people are getting very sick and dying.

We were also advised that the general public did not need to wear masks of any kind for protection purposes but in recent days we have seen a turnaround to the point that some now suggest any kind of face protection is better than none at all.

You have likely noticed more and more people wearing them when food shopping and yours truly even has a custom made one which I will use when I’m around other people.

Bottom line is even medical and scientific experts are confounded about certain aspects of this pandemic but the one thing we do know is that social distancing and staying home works so let’s do our best to practice that.

Switching gears:

I can’t tell you how bad I feel for high school seniors who are being deprived of so many special memories that come with the final months of school.  At the top of that list are athletes who remain sidelined.

The high school baseball season was to have started on Wednesday and whether there is a season of any kind remains very much in doubt.  Despite that the Shore Sports Network’s Matt Manley has begun his baseball previews of a season in which there may not be a game.  Check out regularly for an optimistic look ahead.




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