Let me start by saying that my dog Scooter is a great pup. He's very friendly, very sweet, and well behaved. But there are a few habits that could probably be, let's call it "fine tuned".

For one thing, he's a jumper.

One thing that he doesn't lack is enthusiasm. But he jumps a lot. It wouldn't necessarily bother me per se, but when he's meeting other people I have to keep the leash short so he doesn't jump on people who don't know him.

He's also a playful biter. It's absolutely play biting and not aggressive at all. But it's a habit that should probably be curbed now. Especially with people who aren't "dog people", it can be bothersome.

So that's where you come in!

I've been thinking about training classes. Whether it's at a chain like PetSmart or Petco, a local business, or an individual, I'm open minded to hear who Ocean County says is the best in the area.

Comment below, and let me know your best dog trainers in the area!