As I was heading down the street to grab lunch this afternoon, something caught my eye. There was a Manitou Park Fire Company truck parked outside of the Toms River Fire Co #1 firehouse on Robbins Street.

I thought it was pretty sharp looking.

Which made me think - back in the fall we showed our love for Ocean County's police vehicles (which, you may remember, Tuckerton won), so why not give our fire departments a chance to show off, too?

So let's do just that!

We're going to do this exactly the same way as we did with the police vehicles:

  • Fill out the form below to send in a picture of your favorite local fire vehicle. It doesn't have to be a fire truck; it can be the chief's car, a specialized piece of equipment for water rescue, forest fire fighting, etc, we want to see them all!
  • We'll continue to take submissions throughout the voting period, which will start this week.
  • We'll run the voting for at least a full week, and a winner will be named at the end of February.
  • We'll do exactly what we did for the police vehicle poll, and head out to the winning department to present them with a certificate in person!

So get started right now! If you're a firefighter, if you have friends or family who are, or if you just want to show your pride for your township, send those photos in and we'll get the competition going!


Up Next - we present the winners of our Best Looking Police Vehicle in Ocean County contest with their award:


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