Sometimes I get curious about things and write blogs with hopes that the conversation may be of interest or even help a lot of people.  Today I want to talk about how to satisfy a sweet tooth without a lot of sugar.

I mentioned a New Year's resolution to try to cut my sugar intake because there's a lot of stuff I want to do this year, and I'd been suffering from low-energy.  I believe the problem is caused by my frequent sugar rushes and then crashes throughout the day.  Cookies, cake, and donuts are a regular part of my day.  Well last week I was given a sugar-free chocolate chip cookie and I loved it!  It totally satisfied my craving and went perfectly with the cup of hot tea I was enjoying.

Now I'm intrigued about sugar-free foods.  I'd like to know what a good substitution for sugar is when baking.  Which low or no-sugar desserts do you find satisfying?

Are there any stores or bakeries in Ocean County where you find nice treats that don't have all the sugar in them?

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