There are few things more disappointing than really looking forward to some nice, tasty produce, getting home, cutting into it, and being totally underwhelmed. Everyone has their tricks for picking out the best melons, fruit, and vegetables, but it's almost never foolproof. Knowing where to get the most reliable produce is a good start, though!

Yesterday I bought a honeydew melon at a local mega-retailer. I did the usual - knock on the melon and smell the end. I thought I was getting a good one, but cut into it only to find bland fruit.

Of course, the big box stores import their produce from all over the world. While it's not melon season in the U.S. quite yet, in this day and age of international commerce, you can get good produce almost all year-round.

But this wasn't my first time being disappointed by mass-market melons. So maybe it's time for me to skip the big chains and go for the local sellers with great reputations.

Which is where you come in - I need to know where to go for the best produce at the Jersey Shore! I live in central Ocean County, so anywhere between about Wall and Bayville is most convenient.

Where do you go when you want great produce? Sound off in the comments section!

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