Look at the above photo carefully.

That is now three full weeks ago.

The reason that I'm writing about Nick today is because it's so important to keep a missing person's name and face in as many mass media outlets as possible.

Nick went missing from Mercer County, but that doesn't mean that he's in Mercer County, so it's absolutely necessary to spread his name and face as widely as possible.

Missing persons cases by nature become more and more difficult as time passes. There's the initial rush of media coverage and social media activity & sharing when someone first goes missing, but as days turn into weeks and posts move further down our newsfeeds, the top of mind awareness that cases like this so desperately need can lag.

But awareness of Nick's absence certainly hasn't lagged for his friends and family, who are keeping social media activity robust.

With a Facebook page that has nearly 14,000 followers as of this writing, and a moving video made by Nick's friends, there are many people who are determined to find Nick.

So take a look at that photo again. Share it with everyone that you know.

Heck, share it with people you don't know, too.

Share this article. Share the below video. Don't let Nick's story move down your newsfeed.

Have you seen Nick Pratico?

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