Today is National Hot Dog Day!

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Hot Dogs are a favorite summertime food - they're easy to make, you can put different toppings on them, and they're delicious. Did you know that today, July 22nd, is National Hot Dog Day? In honor of the holiday, here are some places you can grab a hot dog here in Ocean County. listed the following eateries as The Best Hot Dogs in Ocean County:

Click here to view the list of the Best Hot Dogs in Ocean County, according to Do you see yours on the list?

What are your favorite ways to eat a Hot Dog? I am a vegetarian, so while I haven't enjoyed one in many years, I used to eat Hot Dogs frequently and just enjoyed mustard on mine. As a kid, I preferred ketchup to mustard. Whenever Corn Dogs were an option, I'd ALWAYS choose those over regular Hot Dogs, and those little Hot Dog nuggets from Nathan's were always my go-to.

How will you be celebrating National Hot Dog Day?

Diana Tyler
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