That photo should look familiar to everyone in the area. It's been impossible to avoid the pollen covered cars these last few weeks in particular. The big question is, how much more of this do we have to suffer through?

According to, Toms River is experiencing very high tree pollen levels right now.

Not only is it bad as I'm writing this today, but if you look at this chart of the last 30 days, there have literally only been five days that dipped below the "medium-high" level. So if you've felt like your allergies have been acting up for a long time this spring, you're right!

So how much longer do we have to deal with tree pollen?

Well, of course it's impossible to say exactly. Like, it's not possible to pinpoint a specific day that tree pollen will be done descending on Ocean County.

But, in general, the peak is mid-April to early May. So, considering that I'm writing this on May 9th, that's hopefully a good sign.

As allergy sufferers sneeze through this seemingly historic pollen season, at least we can take some comfort in the past trend of the worst of it being behind us, not ahead!


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