Do you remember when we first broke the news that the very popular Corrado's Italian Market would be moving into Laurel Square on Route 88 in Brick? If not, don't feel bad, it's been a while.

Two years. It's been two years and the building is still empty. Will Corrado's ever open, or have they called it quits? One sign has people worried.

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What is Corrado's Market?

Corrado's is an Italian market with roots in North Jersey.

Corrado's started as just a market in Clifton and has grown into what is now known as "Corrado's Family Affair."

Not only have they opened markets in Denville, Fairfield, Hawthorne, North Arlington, and Wayne, but Corrado's now operates pet markets, True Value and Garden Centers, pet markets, and even a beer and wine-making center.

Why is Corrado's Market so popular?

Corrado's is about as authentic and old school as an Italian market in the States can get.

Family-owned and operated since 1950, this specialty Italian grocery has gained a loyal following.

Whether it's their prepared foods:

The World of Cheese:

Wine selection:

Meat department:

Or specialty items:

Our friends up north rave about Corrado's Market.

That's why when we found out that Corrado's was opening up shop in Brick at Laurel Square on Route 88 we were jumping for joy.

Shortly after Corrado's made the Brick location announcement the world shutdown.

Is Corrado's Market in Brick going to open?

There's a picture from social media that is making the rounds that have many confused and upset.

Upon further investigation from David P. Willis of APP, it appears this "for rent" sign is for the other side of the Pathmark building.

Willis reported talking to Corrado's and they are still on track to open in the first quarter of the year, so within the next couple of months.

Now, with shortages of just about everything including building supplies and laborers, this date could always be pushed back further.

Fans of Corrado's took to Instagram to ask the market about the future of Brick themselves.

One commenter wrote on January 11, 2022: "Rumor has it that Brick store is off the table. Tell me it's NOT true!"

Corrado's replied:

Brick is opening! We don’t have an official date yet but as soon as we do we’ll be sharing the news!

Hang in there! I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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