I saw the movie BlacKkKlansman and I highly recommend it.  The story is engaging.  It's about a black police officer, Ron Stallworth, who develops a phone "friendship" with a member of the KuKluxKlan.  His white partner (pretending to be Stallworth) meets the KKK guy in person and gets himself welcomed into the organization.

The undercover detectives succeed in getting an inside look at the activities and the plans of the white supremacist group.  The film has action and adventure components like in many cop-centered films.  It was riveting.

The acting was great.  The lead is played by John David Washington.  Yes, he's the son of Denzel.  And his partner is Adam Driver.  I hope both get nominated for Academy Awards.

There were some surprisingly funny scenes. All of us in the theatre enjoyed some laugh out loud moments.

Until the end of the film.  That's when we got a blast of reality and were reminded that racism is still very much a part of our reality.  Yes, we've made progress since the 60s portrayed in the movie.  But we still have such a long way to go.

I'm glad Spike Lee made BlacKkKlansman.  It's an important, eye-opening film.  I just wonder if the people who really SHOULD see it WILL actually see it.



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