Ba-dum, ba-dum....

It all started with a rather ominous looking tweet last week:

The screenshot appeared to show a massive group of sharks gathering on the East Coast of the United States.

What are the sharks doing? Are they targeting New Jersey? Was something happening?

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People responded to the Tweet and things began to snowball.

Several news organizations jumped on the tweet, thinking maybe something was happening.

The Sun ran a story under the headline, "SMELLS FISHY- Shark panic as eerie live tracker reveals ‘great whites amassing’ on USA’s East Coast."

It turns out..... nothing is up.

In that same story, a member of Ocearch, the research and tracking organization, was quoted as saying that really, nothing was up. It seems their are so many sharks in the area because Ocearch has tagged the sharks to study them in this area, and, well, this is where they are.

So.... it turned out to be a non-story.

Actually, the Ocearch site is pretty cool. You can log on and check out the last "pings" of sharks that the organization is tracking. What you really have to realize is that it's just a very small sample size of all the sharks out there. A very small sample size. You can check out their tracker here.

So, rest easy, The sharks aren't huddling up on the East Coast for some kind of action. Nope, they've been there the whole time!

SOURCE: Ocearch and The Sun.

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