The Presidential Debate had Donald Trump in the same room as Hillary Clinton for the first time since, I heard, Trump's wedding to Melania.  With the two candidates facing off and millions of listeners and viewers, I wonder how many undecided voters are now decided.  I wonder how much one night can inform or sway voters.

The campaigning seems to have started so long ago. If you've been tuning out the negativity and missing some substantive arguments and interviews in the process, here's a reminder that the election is getting close.  Tuesday November 8th will be here before we know it.

We'll get to see the Vice Presidential candidates debate on Oct. 4th.  Then Trump and Clinton will debate again Oct. 9th and Oct. 19th.

Do you generally make up your mind based on the debates?  Or do you have additional sources of information that you refer to? and are two sites that come up when doing a Google search for "non partisan voter information."

What sources most inform and influence YOU before an election?

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