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Everyone is hopefully obeying orders and practicing safe social distancing and staying home whenever possible....as we "stop the spread" here in Ocean County.

Things you may be doing while staying in, listening to 92.7 WOBM for the latest updates and watching TV. In fact you may have decided to binge watch some new shows.

We wanted to see what WOBM listeners are binging on so we asked you to tell us what shows you are finding yourself glued to. Two series that stuck out were Ozark & Tiger King.

Here's what YOU had to say ..... 

Linda: Downton Abbey

Kelly,Mary Jo, Liz, Bob, Patti, Debbi, Ann, Maria: Ozark

Christopher, Pete, Jamie, Carly, Sue Moll, Sharon: Tiger King

Gretchen, Jack, Annette: Hallmark Channel 

Danielle: Schitt's Creek

Kim: Royal Pains 

Elaine: the L Word 

Colette: the Office 

Frank: Chasing Classic Cars 

Carlo: Miami Vice 

Mary: Criminal Minds 

Judi Ann: Lifetime Channel

Ann: Killing Eve

Adita: Good Girls

Mary: Handmaidens Tale 

Michelle: ID Channel

Joy: Chernobyl 

Marian: the Crown 

Diana: Real Housewives of NY 

Karen: Bob "Puffy Clouds" Ross 

Allison: SOAP 

April and I have been binge watching a YouTube series the "Wheezy Waiter" it's fun and you follow the life of a husband and wife along with their new baby and their dog.


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