If your heading out to shovel all of the snow that fell Thursday morning, the Chief of Cardiology at Jersey Shore Medical Center has some health-ful tips to avoid any problems today into Friday.

Major Nor'Easter Hits East Coast
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The first thing to remember is you don't have to do it all by yourself, and Dr. Dawn Calderon urges you to simply take it easy when heading outside.

"Just use a smaller shovel where your either pushing it or lifting small loads so your not overtaxing yourself," said Calderon.

We'll have freezing temperatures as we head into Friday and the weekend which could make the snow heavier and roads more icy and Calderon says, "the rapid changes in temperatures are really stressful on the body."

If your not someone who regularly works out, she adds, it's not the time to head outside and shovel all the snow by yourself.

"They try to lift the ice which is very heavy or chop the ice which is really hard on the body," said Calderon.

If you have a heart condition she adds that it is of vital importance to make sure you take all of your medicine and dress appropriately for the conditions.

She adds that if you have heart problems or a disease and plan on heading out, "it really depends what your doctor has recommended to you," said Calderon who adds, "there's certainly different degrees of physical activity and heart disease."

If you DON'T have any current heart conditions and you begin feeling fatigue or like something isn't feeling quite normal, it may be time to head in.

"If you start having chest pressure or pressure down your arms...pay really close attention to this," said Calderon.

Another important thing to do, she adds, is to make sure someone knows that your outside in the event something happens and you need help.

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