Here it is Wednesday morning and I'm still thinking about last night's episode of "This Is Us."  Do you find that certain scenes stick with you?  And do you sometimes talk with your co-workers about them?

The NBC family drama is a big hit.  It's done so well, week after week, so it's no wonder it has legions of loyal fans.  If you haven't yet checked it out, please do.  I know I've said it before, but really, you won't be sorry.  It's such a high-quality program.

After the tragedy in NYC yesterday, I'm glad I could use that one hour show to escape from reality a bit.  My other "go-to" shows when I want to chill on the couch are "Big Bang Theory" (which is moving to Thursdays, by the way,) and "Project Runway."

I'm wondering what shows you've been into lately.  Are there any series that are good for "binge-watching?"  What programs do you look forward to watching each week?

Please share in the Comments section.

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