As the seasons change, so do the primetime TV shows. Along with returning favorites, networks also throw in a batch of new shows. Some of which will become favorites themselves, others will be forgotten by this time next year.

As promos play for new shows featuring such stars as Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, and James Caan, we have to sift through the hype and try to find the best options.

And, of course, there's always the fact that you don't want to get pulled into a show just to have it cancelled a few weeks later.

Tonight, I'm going to check out "Sleepy Hollow", even though I don't have very high hopes for it. I mean, here, check out the description:

Ichabod Crane finds himself 250 years in the future and realizes that evil accompanied him to modern-day Sleepy Hollow; Ichabod forms a bond with Detective Abbie Mills after the Headless Horseman murders the sheriff

Sounds a little shaky at best, huh?

So what new shows are you looking forward to?

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