As you're planning your weekend, do you think you'll head to one of the movie theatres in Ocean County?  Will you buy a ticket for one of the Oscar Nominated films?   Or something that's not in the running?  Will your selection be full of action and adventure?  A lighthearted comedy?  Or a thought-provoking message movie?

I ask because in recent days I've heard people complain that La La Land is up for so many Academy Awards.  They said they don't understand why the critics love it so much.  And both said, "I like more substance" when I go to the movies.

So that got me curious about the movie going audience in our area.  In the Comments section, please share what types of films you generally go for?  Are you a fan of the big blockbusters?  Or do you lean towards the smaller independent films?  What's your preferred genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Suspense, etc.?

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