2019 brought happiness, sadness, and hopefully something to look forward to in 2020.

Is there ever just one resolution? New Year's resolutions are sometimes bologna, but hopefully you might just stick to one this year. I have such darn trouble sticking to the big one - losing weight. Maybe this will be my year. 2019 New Jersey's most popular resolution was diet to lose weight. Is 2020's resolution the same?


The most popular New Year's resolutions are losing weight, saving money, better yourself, actually sticking to your New Year's resolution, and to be happier. Maybe, you're saying, "I think I'll turn the radio on more to Shawn & Sue on 92.7 WOBM." (You knew I had to put that in there.)

Maybe this year you are looking for more kindness from yourself and to others. Finding out "YOU" are very important and "YOU" are loved, needed, and appreciated.

We'll share your resolutions on the air with Shawn & Sue and find out what's Ocean County's most popular resolution for 2020. 

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