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Hear me out, before you jump into this.....let me share my experience. Why you may ask? Because the Motor Vehicle Commission  is one of the “State” services that affects us most. Most of us drive and most of us have at least one vehicle. Plus it’s money, so I think you will agree this is an appropriate topic.

What makes the topic heated at times is the Coronavirus Pandemic and the affect the virus has had on services. Many, including myself, having much trouble trying to get even simple services taken care of.


So for me it was a simple car registration. Usually I always just renew my registrations online and never have to go into the MVC. This time, with a new vehicle, I was unable to complete online. I tried calling several times and sat on hold for hours. This of course was the result of shutdowns and limited staff due to the pandemic. This is frustrating and I know I am not alone. I love the MVC online services, but as soon as I get thrown into the “find a human on the phone” category well let’s say thank goodness for “speaker” on my iPhone, I can at least work while waiting to hopefully talk to a representative. I understand that the virus has thrown a lot of businesses/resources upside down, but it still remains very frustrating. I tried several times to get through. One time I did and was quickly “transferred” which ended up disconnecting me and a few loud adjectives lol.


Shawn Michaels


So here is how this ended up. First you MUST get an appointment. You can easily do this online CLICK HERE  to get your appointment. Print your appointment confirmation to bring with you. Today I had my appointment at the Manahawkin location. I arrived on time was instructed where to go and what papers to fill out and in just 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes I was done! I have never in forty years gone to any motor vehicle office and been in and out in 10 minutes. So maybe we need “appointments” all the time because the system seems to keep 8,000 people from showing up at once. FYI you must wear a mask at your appointment and practice social distancing. There are no drivers license renewing options, at the Manahawkin center, so you must do online or use the “skip the trip” service through the mail.....so don’t wait til the last second on renewing your drivers license.

CONCLUSION: I know for many it can be a nightmare waiting on hold or on lines with the MVC, but ....just but....the “appointment” approach to services is a new way to save the time and trouble. Motor Vehicles has long been a slow process, well before COVID and like I said I’ve never been in and out in 10 minutes.


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