If you are asked, what do you think is the most popular dog in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, what would your answer be? I would easily say that it's either German Shepard or Golden Retriever, and both answers would be wrong.

I have no idea what a Havanese is but that is the most popular dog in the state of New Jersey, according to Honest Paws. We learned that a "Havanese is the national dog of Cuba." Even though many people probably have never heard of the dog breed Havenese, Honest Paws stated that Havenese was actually the second most popular and Googled dog breed in the country. Five different states, including New Jersey, have Havenese as the most popular dog.

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Pennsylvania has a cooler favorite dog. At least to me, it is. According to Honest Paws, Pennsylvania residents said that Boxers are their favorite dogs, making the Boxer dog breed the most popular in Pennsylvania. The interesting part is that Honest Paws made it known that only 2 states in the whole country were the ones that Googled the Boxer dog breed the most compared to other dog breeds.

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Another interesting fact is that even though not many states chose Bulldog as their favorite dog breed it was stated on Honest Paws that the Bulldog bread was the "top searched dog" in the country.

My favorite dog breed, Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), stood no chance and it was nowhere on the list. It was not the favorite dog breed for any state in the country.

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