Over the weekend while walking near Penn Station in NYC, I noticed fashion designer (and Project Runway winner) Christian Siriano.  He was alone, walking towards me so I would have been able to say something.  But I didn't.  He walked on by and kicked myself feeling like it was another missed opportunity.  I have this history of NOT seizing the moment when it comes to celebrities.  Why is that?  I'm not really sure!  But the most recent incident got me wondering what most people do.  Responses from my friends ranged from "They deserve to go about their business without interruption," to "I'll ask for an autograph," to "I collect photos!"

So now I'll ask YOU...when you recognize a famous person on the street or in an airport or some other public place, do you say anything?  Do you ask for an autograph?  A photo?  Has anyone ever rejected your request?

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