Did you hear about the New Jersey art teacher who is wearing the same dress each day for 100 days?  It's an effort to teach kids about sustainability...that wearing something new each day is wasteful.  Julia Mooney also wants to remind her Moorestown-area students that they are more than what they wear.  I think that's an important message, especially these days when middle schoolers are bombarded by images of fashionable people on social media.  Teens are constantly comparing themselves to online images, thus spending time, energy, and money on their fashion and appearance.  Before you write off the unusual lesson as gross, the teacher does wash her dress.  She wears an apron to protect against spills, splashes and stains.  And she wears different clothes on the weekends.

I think she's onto something.  If others at the school start to follow her lead, perhaps kids wouldn't be so focused on external appearances?  Remember, I wore a school uniform for 12 years so I'm a fan of donning the same thing every day.

Do you think teachers in Ocean County could and should start wearing the same outfit each day?  And while we're at it, what do you think about school uniforms or dress codes?

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