I used to drink diet soda like it was water. Then there were all sorts of stories about how it's no better for you than regular soda (and possibly worse in some ways), so I tried to cut way back.

I limited my diet soda intake to eating out. And even then usually only at fast casual restaurants. At sit down restaurants I normally opt for water since soda tends to be pretty over priced.

It lasted for a good two years, I'd say.

But then I fell off the wagon.

In the meantime, I had been using those relatively new water flavor additives, when a friend told me that they're terrible for you, with all sorts of unnatural chemicals. So I thought, well I can't use those, I might as well go back to the lesser of two evils - diet soda.

I stuck to my guns for a good while, but I'm back on the sauce.

So what food or drink to you try to avoid but you just keep coming back to? Tell us in the comments section!

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